Cannabis Coach Review – My Breakthrough Miracle

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Hello there.

Weston Dean speaking. You can call me an ex-weed pro now, but let me tell about me before I was able to quit my smoking habits. I was around 24 when my wife became pregnant with our first child, and that was the first time I was sure I needed to quit smoking. I had been smoking since the age of 18, buying pot from my dealer at least 2 times a month. I was smoking every day and by the time my wife gave birth to our child, we were smoking all day everyday.

I was addicted to the feeling of being high. I didnt know how to stop smoking weed, it was normality to me now. There were occasions when we would both sit down and discuss the need to quit smoking pot and we would be very serious about it, but it just didn’t happen.

I had pretty much given up on the idea of being free of my weed addiction…

Time and time again we would stop buying it, for about a month before someone would come along and offer to sell us some. My wife and I were not very strong people, and we would dive into the pot addiction once again. Finally by the time my child turned three years old, I knew I had to do something. I searched the internet and spent money I couldn’t afford to spend, on stuff that just didn’t work for me. That’s when I came upon the program Cannabis Coach. Again, with a tighter grip on my wallet, I decided to give it a try after carefully reading about the product.

Cannabis Coach…worth it or waste?

Long story short, the Cannabis Coach program worked for me. It did take some time for me to finally practice what they teach you, but once I ways actually doing it, it got easier and easier as each day went on. They teach some really clever techniques to kill the cravings, how to handle a relapse, and how to ween yourself off of weed.

One of the places I went wrong was that I tried to stop cold turkey…that is not the best way to do it. I like to look at Cannabis Coach as a low shock treatment to stop your weed smoking for good. You don’t need to dramatically alter your life to get this to work…just work on your addiction one day at a time.

If you want to stop smoking weed, even for just a month, I highly recommend you buy Cannabis Coach here. You won’t regret it.

Disclaimer: Ordering through the above links will help pay for the countless hours spent writing and promoting this website. Thank you for your support!


Shocking way to stop smoking weed helps people quit in under 30 days.

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If you are looking to stop smoking weed, then there are some interesting ways to get that done. Unlike most drugs, marijuana is not all that addictive, so people who actually want to quit have an opportunity to do that. But what are the best ways to do it? What are the new innovations that are helping people get rid of their habit these days? Some have to do with personal accountability and interventions, while another has to do with hypnosis and other advanced measures

Experts say try hypnosis as a means.

Some people are finding that their habit is mostly just one that they can’t break out of. Instead of just dropping the weed, these folks are stuck in their ways and they need some measures to get out of the rut. That is why many professionals are suggesting hypnosis as a means to stop smoking weed. When you go with hypnosis, you will have your subconscious changed for the better. Many issues exist with weed smokers in their deepest thoughts. These are things that you can’t really change unless you go to a professional. With hypnosis, you have a chance to change the way your subconscious mind works.

If you are serious about quitting.

If you are truly serious about losing your pot smoking habit, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here. I am now 62 days clean which is the longest I have ever gone without taking a hit. So it definitely works.

Get help from loved ones…it works!

Another way to stop smoking weed is by giving yourself some accountability. Many people have faced interventions from their family and when loved ones keep up with your actions, it’s much easier to drop the habit. Writing down all of the consequences that you’ve run into from weed smoking is a good way to understand its impact. In addition to that, some individuals have started keeping a journal to stop smoking weed. They’ve been charting the times when they thought about the doing it, but chose not to. These little things are important, because they ultimately change the way you think about weed.

If you are looking to stop smoking weed, then a combination of things could help. Giving yourself something productive to do when you otherwise would have been bored is an important step, and it’s something that each and every pot smoker can do. By doing these things, you’ll be able to kick the habit in a short amount of time.


Stop Smoking Weed With This New Regimen In 30 Days or Less

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You do not want your life to be controlled by a dangerous substance. If you have made the decision to stop smoking weed, however, you might not know how to give up your habit. However, there are a few ways that can make quitting a little easier.

It is hard to do, but consider finding new friends…

One of the easiest ways to stop smoking weed is to change your group of friends. Many people start smoking marijuana in order to fit in with a peer group. Sometimes, when you smoke pot frequently, the only thing you and your friends have in common is drug use. Try spending a weekend night with your friends and do not smoke. If they make you feel like you are letting them down, they do not have your best interests at heart.

If your drug use is not because of the influence of a peer group, you might need to find other ways to motivate yourself to stop smoking. For many people, as soon as they deny themselves something, they want it even more. Try to find something positive to substitute for your drug use. Instead of giving up pot because you know it is bad for you, give it up to get in shape or boost your lung capacity. Make sure that you look at your decision to stop using marijuana as a positive, not a negative. This can help keep you motivated and clean.

If you are serious about quitting.

If you are truly serious about losing your pot smoking habit, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here.

Get a good job that does drug tests!

Another way to motivate yourself to stop smoking weed is to apply for your dream job. Even if you do not think you will get it, just knowing you might get an interview can make you want to put down your joint for good. Most good, high-paying jobs require that you take a drug test before you are hired. Pot is one of the illegal substances for which they test. Set goals. Make a plan for your life. You might be surprised to find that pot is keeping you from reaching your dreams. No matter why you started smoking weed, these tips can help you stop. Remember that your health and happiness are more important than any drug.


2 Simple Techniques You Can Implement At Home To Stop Smoking Weed

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For the frequent smoker, it may not be easy to quit smoking just cold turkey. However, there are a few simple techniques you can take on to help carry on the process to becoming cannabis free.

Number 1: Get rid of your paraphernalia collection.

Go right now, and collect your papers, bong, pipe, and ash trays. Toss them. Just throw them in the trash and don’t think twice about it. If you have these things lying around your house or in your sights, they are just reminders, telling your brain that it’s time to smoke again. These things will bring on urges, which we don’t want when we’re trying to stop smoking weed. By getting rid of your smoking stash, we are helping eliminate the want to smoke weed.¬†Not having your smoking devices could be a figurative reminder that you are trying to stop smoking weed. By completely being rid of all smoking devices, you will be one step closer to ending your habit of smoking weed. This technique gives you one less reason to smoke weed.

If you are serious about quitting.

If you are truly serious about losing your pot smoking habit, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here. I swear by this, this product has truly helped me stop smoking weed. I cant say enough good things about it, so please check it out.

Eat it instead!

Another way to stop smoking weed is to begin to ingest the weed with out smoking it. This can be done by cooking the herb into your food or by creating an weed-infused tincture to place on the tip of your tongue. By ingesting the weed through you digestive tract, the habit of weed consumption will become less detrimental to your physical well-being. Creating cannabutter (cannabis butter) you can cook it into just about anything. Try cupcakes, they’re delightful. Weed’s active ingredient, THC, is fat soluble, and all it takes is heating your weed in a little bit of oil or butter to capture the active ingredient. Strain the weed from the oil/butter and use it in a food. This idea is good even for those who do want to stop using marijuana altogether because if you slowly transition your body out of inhaling smoke by still ingesting it through your stomach, it will be easier to just stop consuming weed when you are finally ready to stop using.

It will still be up to you to stay in control and avoid finding reasons you think you should smoke, but by completing these simple tasks and techniques, you will be on your way to stop smoking weed.


Are you having trouble trying to stop smoking weed? Click here to finally be cannabis free!

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Stop smoking weed: changing your mindset.

Besides still being illegal in many states, there may be many reasons why you may want to stop smoking weed. Even within the legal states there are many companies who drug test and will not hire a person with thc in their bodies. Maybe the price is becoming costly and you can no longer afford it. Perhaps you just no longer like the way it makes you feel or act. Whatever the reason may be, the way to quit is to understand the addiction.

It’s a party drug, which is why it’s so hard to quit.

Literally anywhere you go, there is always that one person that is smoking/buying/or selling weed. I even met a dealer in my church years back. Weed is socially driven, which makes it hard to stop smoking weed. Just about any pot smoker you talk to will preach to you that weed is not addictive, which in some ways, they are correct. Cannabis is not physically addictive. However, it can change your mindset and have you become mentally addicted to it. It’s the feeling of being high, the relaxation and in many cases the humor, of the drug that makes it hard to let go. Heck, it makes food takes better too and who doesn’t agree with that? It becomes a want, not a necessarily a need. When you stop smoking weed, you will sometimes go through withdrawls. Symptoms of which are insomnia, anxiety, and vivid dreams. Please please, do not use cigarettes as a replacement for your cannabis habits. You would be better off continuing to smoke weed than to become a cigarette smoker.

Come to terms with your personal identity.

Come to grips with the fact that you are going to want the drug, and see if you can figure out why. To most people that smoke weed, it is part of their sense of identity. They see themselves as a weed smoker first, and anything else second. To combat this, consider the reason you want to quit. Develop a sense of identity around that reason, and focus on it. Is it a job opportunity? Develop a sense of identity around the job, which obviously would include not smoking weed.

If you are serious about quitting.

If you are truly serious about losing your pot smoking habit, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here. I am now 62 days clean which is the longest I have ever gone without taking a hit. So it definitely works.

Are you wanting to smoke because others are pressuring you, or acting like you are silly or stupid for trying to quit? Remind yourself that you are quitting for yourself, not them. If they cannot respect that, it may be time to find new friends. Explain to them that what they think and say have no bearing on your reasons for wanting to quit. If you feel comfortable, explain to them why you want to quit. If not, don’t.

Like so many things in life, quitting weed requires a little bit of self discovery, and a lot of self restraint. If you really want it, though, you can do it.


What You Need To Know To Stop Smoking Weed Tomorrow

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Why you need to stop smoking weed.

Smoking weed can be tough on the throat and lungs. It can cause throat irritations and bring on coughing attacks.

If you want to stop smoking cold turkey, that’s fine and dandy but that may not always be for everyone.

Below are a few tips to help you stop smoking weed tomorrow by reducing your intake taking it one day at a time.

Do not worry though, it is not impossible to quit smoking weed because it does not cause physical dependence.


Having a friend to help see you through is beneficial.

stop smoking weedOne way to start your journey to becoming cannabis free is to ask a friend to help you. There are a few ways they can benefit you.

To begin with, they could hide any leftover weed you may still have on you. Along with that, they could limit your daily intake by about 30 percent, which I highly recommend.

A lot of frequent smokers tend to smoke in the morning, the ‘wake and bake’. If you are this person and you are here reading this post to stop smoking weed, stopping the morning ‘wake and bake’ can help you exponentially. Many of the morning smokers are mentally addicted to the feeling of being high, so if you can reprogram your mind into enjoying the day/morning without weed you’ll be so much closer to controlling your urges to stop smoking weed.

After your first week of cutting back, you’ll be amazed by how much more accepting your mind is to stop smoking weed. The urges will be less frequent, and you’ll start to become accustomed to living a life without cannabis.

Please check this out if you are serious..

If you’re here, and you truly want to quit, I highly recommend you check out my review of Cannabis Coach here. I am now 78 days strong, weed free, which is the longest I’ve been in years without taking a hit. I was a frequent smoker but have now changed my life for the better. It works, please check it out.

Keeping track of what you do is also crucial.

A smart way to quit smoking weed is to track how much and how often you are buying weed. Try to cut your weed budget in half. If you’re buying a hundred dollars worth of weed every week, try to cut that down to just fifty a week.

Every week there on, try to cut your cannabis budget down more and more, with that extra money go out and buy yourself something that will last. Something like a movie, clothes, jewelry, a new video game.

When you do this you’re teaching yourself to better understand the value of your money and you’ll be less likely to want to go out and buy weed. Gradually spend less and less on weed until you no longer waste money on it.